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Over the past few years, we’ve seen the normalisation of all kinds of cosmetic procedures, largely due to media coverage and the scrutiny associated with social media and sharing every aspect of our lives. The rise of ‘tweakments’ using products like Botox or dermal fillers indicates that people are treating this kind of procedure with the same caution as they may approach a haircut or beauty treatment, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has surveyed the great British public to find out how people feel about receiving cosmetic procedures as a gift. The survey, of 995 British people, has revealed that 20% of respondents would love to be offered a cosmetic procedure as a gift and 6% had already received a cosmetic procedure as a gift. ‘Tweakments’ such as Botox or fillers are the most commonly gifted procedures (32.5%), followed by dental work (32%).

Interestingly, only 10% of male respondents were interested in receiving cosmetic surgery as a gift. Dental work was the most pressing concern for male respondents, with 51% of those who wanted cosmetic procedures saying they’d opt for these procedures if they were offered it as a gift.

By contrast, 23% of female respondents have received or would love to receive cosmetic procedures as a gift, with the most commonly requested procedures for women being Botox or fillers (33%).

The most common occasion to receive cosmetic surgery as a gift for respondents is for their birthday with 47% claiming their gift was or would be for a birthday. The cosmetic procedure would most often be gifted by a partner (41%), followed by the recipients' parents (17%).

Finally, of those who received surgery as a gift, the vast majority (75%) had previously expressed an interest in the procedure, but some had not (25%). If you’re planning on offering cosmetic surgery as a gift, it’s best to ensure that the recipient is interested in this procedure so as to not be offensive.

The data results can be seen in full below - please feel free to use the results if you can attribute the findings to

What gender are you? 
Answer ChoicesResponses
Gender non-conforming0.60%
Prefer not to say0.50%
Where do you live? 
Answer ChoicesResponses
North West17.99%
North East7.74%
South East17.49%
South West13.97%
East of England7.54%
West Midlands9.45%
East Midlands9.35%
Yorkshire and the Humber8.04%
For what occasion were you gifted a cosmetic procedure? 
Answer ChoicesResponses
New job1.97%
Other (please specify)33.86%
What cosmetic procedure did they pay for or contribute to? (Please select all that apply) 
Answer ChoicesResponses
Botox or filler procedures31.80%
Dental work31.42%
Breast surgery (augmentation, reconstruction or reduction)8.81%
Hair transplant4.98%
Tummy tuck5.75%
Other (please specify)26.82%
Who offered you a cosmetic procedure as a gift? (Please select all that apply) 
Answer ChoicesResponses
Family member - grandparents2.68%
Family member - parents16.86%
Family member - other7.66%
Other (please specify)27.20%
Have you ever received or been offered a cosmetic procedure as a gift - either payment in full or a contribution to a procedure?
Cosmetic procedures can include Botox, dermal fillers, cosmetic dentistry and surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or liposuction." 
Answer ChoicesResponses
No, but I would love to be given a cosmetic procedure as a gift20.10%
No, I would find this offensive18.49%
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