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While the UK was in lockdown and the cosmetic surgery and aesthetics industries were temporarily paused, elective surgeries went ahead in other countries such as the US, Japan and Australia. These surgeons and clinics have in fact reported an increased demand for surgeries during lockdown periods, following which patients could recover at home.

With the interest levels in other areas of the world as an indicator, combined with the effects of social media on body image, it is likely that the industry in the UK will soon resume normal levels, or perhaps even see a spike due to built-up demand.

People who were considering surgeries may now be sure that they are ready to proceed, while others who had procedures cancelled may be keen to rebook their procedures as soon as they can. Ideally, patients should consider postponing their surgeries until the risk is lower, or perhaps even until there is a vaccine.

Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure in the coming months should be aware of any ‘red flags’ such as reduced prices or time-limited offers for cosmetic procedures. You should not feel rushed into going ahead with a cosmetic procedure, and you should feel like you can take your time in deciding whether to go ahead. If you feel pressured or if you are feeling enticed by a ‘great offer’, remember that you are in control of your decision.

Our advice is that patients should take their time and read as much as they can about the procedure and practitioner. Using an independent review website can help you to find out about other patients’ experiences with the surgeon or practitioner.

At the consultation stage, ask all of the questions that you would ask any surgeon or practitioner - about what will happen before and during the procedure, about the aftercare process and whether your practitioner will be available to answer any questions you may have.

You should also ask about what steps they have in place to limit the spread of the virus, and ensure that you’re satisfied that they’re doing all that they can. If the practitioner is unable to satisfactorily answer your questions, look elsewhere and postpone your procedure until you find a trustworthy practitioner.

If you are planning a cosmetic procedure, make sure you take all the time you need to fully understand the procedure and the aftercare process. For more information, read our guide to finding a safe cosmetic surgeon.

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