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The number of cosmetic breast procedures has grown steadily over the years and, in the majority of cases, women are happy and satisfied with their new breasts.

However, sometimes the surgery can go wrong, leaving behind unsightly scars, uneven breasts or nipples, and emotional trauma. Due to the recovery time required following this invasive procedure - to allow swelling and bruising to go down and so on - it can take time for the signs that the surgery has gone wrong to make themselves known.

If you’re feeling as though something is ‘not quite right’ following your operation, use our guide, below, to check your breasts against some of the most common signs that your procedure has not gone as planned. Our guide will help you identify what you’re experiencing, and take steps towards achieving the result you want.

If you believe you have undergone a negligent cosmetic breast surgery and would like to find out if you could make a claim, contact us today on 0800 634 0285 or fill in the online form to request a callback.

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Mike Saul


Michael Saul is a partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, where he brings his extensive specialist legal expertise and passion for helping people to the forefront of his work. With a proven track record of success in cosmetic surgery negligence cases, Michael has dedicated his career to providing clients with the highest level of representation and achieving favourable outcomes.

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