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What Causes Double Bubble Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK. However, like any surgical procedure, it comes with risks. One such risk is a complication known as a 'double bubble', which can occur after surgery that involves a breast implant healing incorrectly.

At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, we specialise in handling cases of cosmetic surgery negligence, including double bubble breast implant cases. Before deciding to undergo breast implant surgery, it is critical for patients to understand the causes and implications of this issue and the legal rights they have when such complications occur.

Understanding breast implants

Breast implants - of which there are two types: saline and silicone - are medical prostheses used to augment, reconstruct, or create the physical form of breasts. Each type of breast implant has slightly different properties, from firmness, shape and consequences of damage. The procedure can be performed for various reasons, including cosmetic enhancement, post-mastectomy reconstruction, or to correct congenital deformities.

Despite the popularity and the high success rates of the procedure, it is important to be aware that breast augmentation can lead to complications. These can range from capsular contracture (hardening of the tissue around the implant) to implant rupture, and a lesser-known condition called the 'double bubble' phenomenon.

The double bubble phenomenon

The term 'double bubble' is used to describe a complication where the breast implant drops down behind the natural breast tissue, causing an indentation or 'bubble' effect on the lower part of the breast. This results in the appearance of four breast mounds or 'double bubbles' when viewed from the side.

This condition can lead to discomfort and dissatisfaction due to the distortion of the breast's shape. A double bubble is not a normal outcome of breast augmentation surgery, and if you notice the symptoms of this issue, you should seek medical advice immediately.

Causes of double bubble in breast implants

The double bubble effect can occur due to several reasons:

  • Improper implant placement: if the surgeon places the implant either too high or too low, it can lead to the double bubble effect. The accurate positioning of implants is critical in achieving a natural-looking result.
  • Patient’s anatomy: certain anatomical factors, like a tight inframammary fold (the crease line under the breast) or a high-riding fold, can predispose a patient to the double bubble effect.
  • Post-surgery complications: sometimes, the body's healing response post-surgery can cause the tissue around the implant to contract, pushing the implant upwards and leading to a double bubble.

Preventing double bubble complications

The first step towards preventing double bubble deformity is choosing a reputable and experienced surgeon who understands the importance of accurate implant placement and selection. Appropriate pre and post-operative care is vital. Your surgeon should provide specific instructions on how to prepare for breast augmentation and what you should and should not do afterwards. Following this advice diligently will help you to minimise the risks of something going wrong with your breast implants - provided that your surgeon gives you the correct advice. If they do not, you should consider taking legal action.

Legal rights and recourse

If you have experienced a double bubble as a result of negligence during your breast augmentation surgery, you are entitled to seek legal recourse, and this may help you to find and cover any revision surgery that is required to rectify the double bubble issue. A surgeon’s failure to adhere to the requisite standard of care or lack of informed consent can constitute negligence.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors and our role

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors were the first legal practice in England and Wales entirely dedicated to victims of cosmetic surgery negligence. Our team of experts has a success rate of over 95% in all cosmetic surgery negligence cases pursued after obtaining medical evidence.

We understand the emotional and physical distress that double bubble complications can cause. Our role is to assist you in seeking justice and compensation.

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If you believe that you have experienced negligence resulting in a double bubble complication or any other issues post-breast augmentation, we are here to help. Contact Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today for a consultation and start your journey towards seeking the justice and compensation you deserve. Call us on 0808 273 6083, or fill out an online contact form to arrange a time for us to call you back at your convenience.

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