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Brazilian Butt Lift Compensation Claims

If you have undergone Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery and experienced complications that you believe were caused by negligence, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Contact our experienced solicitors today.


At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, our highly experienced legal team has the expertise you need to secure the maximum amount possible from your BBL surgery compensation claim, giving you the best possible chance of rebuilding your life after botched surgery.


Our team specialises in cosmetic surgery claims, with more than 15 years of experience in dealing with cases of this nature. This means we fully understand the pain and distress you are going through, and will provide expert advice throughout the claims process.


We work on a no win, no fee basis, with a 95% success rate in all cases we pursue after obtaining medical evidence. As such, you can place your full trust in us to make the BBL compensation claims process as smooth and straightforward as possible.



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If your Brazilian butt lift surgery has gone wrong, contact Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today. To speak to one of experts about whether you can make a claim for BBL compensation, call 0800 634 0285 or fill in the quick contact form on this page to request a call back.

Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors?

We were the first legal practice in England and Wales established to focus solely on helping people who have been affected by a BBL gone wrong. For more than 15 years, we have provided an unrivalled service in this area, culminating in a 95% success rate for all the cases we have handled after obtaining medical evidence.


With a rating of ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot, we have been shown to deliver our legal services in a manner that is sensitive and successful. To date, we have secured more than £10 million in compensation for our clients after obtaining medical evidence, and since we work on a no win, no fee basis, there is no financial risk involved with making a BBL claim with us.


Led by respected solicitor Michael Saul, our team is perfectly placed to assist you to recover the compensation you deserve, allowing you and your family to move on with your lives.


Read our testimonials from previous clients to find out more about how we can help.

How Long Will the Claims Process Take?

Because the circumstances of every BBL claim are unique, the length of the claims process will vary depending on the specific details of your case. By contacting Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, you will be assigned a dedicated solicitor who will assess your case in detail, before providing you with a comprehensive plan of all the steps involved.


At every stage of the process, they will be available to provide regular updates and offer advice, guidance, and answers to any questions you might have.


Learn more about the full claims process here.

What Are the Signs That My BBL Surgery Has Gone Wrong?

Despite following the same procedure as other forms of lipofilling, the BBL is regarded as a highly dangerous cosmetic surgery. Complications following a BBL procedure can range from severe bacterial infections including MRSA and Pseudomonas, to tissue necrosis, scarring, wound ruptures (dehiscence) and abscesses.


Furthermore, one in 3,000 operations have resulted in the death of a patient, making it the most dangerous cosmetic surgery procedure currently available. Death from BBL surgery is caused by the accidental injection of fat into large veins, which then travels up to the heart, lungs or brain. Learn more about which cosmetic procedures carry the highest risk here.


Aside from this, BBL has the same side effects as other forms of fat transfer. In the days following surgery, patients can expect to experience:


  • Bruising and swelling
  • Temporary numbness
  • The appearance of small scars at the injection site

While the above are considered normal, there are a number of side effects that can indicate the procedure has gone wrong. These include:


  • Fat necrosis - the death of fat tissue
  • Blockage of a blood vessel
  • Haematoma - the collection, or pooling of blood under the skin
  • Pneumothorax - when air leaks into the space between the lungs and chest wall
  • Large and obvious scarring
  • Asymmetrical disfigurement or distorted appearance due to over-filling

Find out more about the dangers of BBL surgery in our blog post.

The Duty of Care for Clinics and Surgeons

Surgeons who carry out BBL procedures have a duty of care to ensure that their patients are kept safe. It is essential that they are held accountable to this duty, as when BBL procedures go wrong, they can cause long-term physical and psychological harm to the patient.


Clinics and surgeons are not only responsible for avoiding negative outcomes that can be reasonably prevented, but also for providing information about the complications that cannot be prevented. If your clinic or surgeon has not fulfilled this duty of care, you may be eligible to make a BBL compensation claim.


An increasing number of people are travelling overseas to undergo a BBL procedure abroad, which presents a number of risks for those who choose this route. If you have suffered negligence as a result of BBL gone wrong surgery in a foreign country, our solicitors can provide legal advice on your next steps.

How Can We Help?

We are the number one UK law firm in the field of cosmetic surgery negligence and have helped many victims of BBLs which have gone wrong. We understand how difficult it can be to recover from surgery that has gone wrong.


Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors will provide you with thorough and professional guidance on the best approach to making a BBL claim, talking you through each step of the often complex legal process. We are dedicated to transparency and aim to carry out claims with minimal disruption to your life.


Find out more about your legal rights in our report: Cosmetic Surgery: Knowing Your Rights if Something Goes Wrong.

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