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Mole Removal Compensation Claims

Have you suffered distress as a result of a mole removal gone wrong, and feel it could have been avoided? If so, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Making a mole removal claim does not have to be complicated. We were the first legal practice established in England and Wales dedicated to dealing with cases of negligent cosmetic procedures, so you can trust that we have the specialist skills and experience you need to claim for mole removal compensation.

Operating on a no-win, no-fee basis, so far we have won over £10 million in compensation for our clients. Find out how we can help you make a mole removal claim today.


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To speak to our expert solicitors about whether you could be entitled to receive mole removal compensation, call us freephone on 0808 189 7721 or fill out our online enquiry form.

Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors?

Since 2005, we have dedicated ourselves to securing compensation for clients who have suffered at the hands of negligent cosmetic practitioners in cosmetic procedures of all kinds - not just mole removals gone wrong.

By using our specialist knowledge and vast experience in this niche area of law, we have achieved an unmatched success rate of 95% for claims pursued after obtaining medical evidence.

If you have experienced a botched operation, then our empathetic and dedicated solicitors are ideally placed to help you win a mole removal claim and let you move forward with your life.

How Long Will the Mole Removal Claims Process Take?

The length of time it will take to pursue a mole removal claim will vary depending on the individual circumstances of the client.

We ensure our clients are kept fully informed throughout the claims process, without causing any unnecessary disruption to your life.

See the full claims process here or get in touch to speak to one of our expert lawyers for a more in depth consultation.

What Are the Signs That My Mole Removal Procedure Has Gone Wrong?

Thousands of mole removal treatments are successfully performed in the UK each year with no major complications. However, some patients do suffer as a result of negligent procedures, resulting in considerable distress.

Common complications that indicate errors have been made can include:

  • Damage to the patient’s skin pigment around or on the site of the mole
  • Inappropriate scarring
  • Burns and blistering


At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, we understand how distressing mole removals gone wrong can be for the patient, both physically and mentally.

As industry leaders, we know exactly what it takes to bring a claim that has the best possible chance of securing compensation. What’s more, we can promise a comprehensive, stress-free service that places the best interests of the claimant at the centre of everything that happens.

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If you have experienced problems following a mole removal and think they are the result of negligence, talk to our expert cosmetic surgery negligence team today. Call 0808 271 6219 or request a callback by completing the contact form.

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