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Ear reshaping compensation claims

If you have experienced problems following your ear reshaping surgery (also known as otoplasty or pinnaplasty) and the resulting issues were the fault of a negligent surgeon or clinic, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

The compensatory financial award received, if your claim is successful, could include damages for any psychological or physical distress you suffered as a result of your otoplasty going wrong. It could also cover the cost of any additional procedures to correct the damage.

The team at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has years of experience specialising in cosmetic surgery negligence, and with a success rate of 95% for claims pursued after obtaining medical evidence, which means we are perfectly placed to provide the legal advice you need to recover the compensation you deserve.



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Signs of negligence

Sometimes, otoplasty is performed without the appropriate care and skill, leading to complications for the patient. Some of the most common signs of negligence following ear reshaping surgery include:

  • Uneven or asymmetrical ears
  • Partial correction - the ears are not positioned close enough to the head
  • Overcorrection - the ears are positioned too close to the head
  • Excessive bruising and swelling
  • Inappropriate scarring

Ear reshaping surgery - SIGNS OF NEGLIGENCE

Ear reshaping surgery itself is generally safe. However there are a number of complications to be vigilant of, including chondritis (inflammation of the ear cartilage), which may need to be drained.

Complications / signs of negligence

  • A recurrence of ear protrusion. In 5% of cases, the ears maintain their protrusion
  • Infection on the ear where the incision was made. If this occurs you will usually be given a course of antibiotics. If the area surrounding the ear becomes infected it could result in permanent ear deformity; but this is extremely rare
  • Stiff or numb ears – your ears may take several months to become flexible again, or you may lose the sensation in them for the same period of time
  • Soreness. This is usually more noticeable at night, and generally stops after a few months

Incisionless otoplasty - SIGNS OF NEGLIGENCE

This is a relatively new type of surgery used as an alternative ear reshaping treatment that reforms the ears to make them more symmetrical.

Complications / signs of negligence

  • As with other forms of ear reshaping, there is a 5% chance of recurrence, which means the ears will continue to protrude
  • Bruising around the ears – mild bruising may occur for up to two weeks post-surgery
  • Stiff ears – flexibility can take several months to return to its natural state

WHY CHOOSE Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors?

If you have suffered as a result of any of the complications listed above, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can support you in your claim for compensation following your unsuccessful otoplasty. We work on a no win, no fee basis, offering our clients the chance to claim the compensation they deserve without the risk of a significant financial burden.

We are specialists in guiding patients through the complex cosmetic surgery claims process and, as a result, we are one of the leading cosmetic negligence firms in the UK - putting us in the best position to to secure compensation for your ear reshaping that’s gone wrong.

The expert team at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has an impressive win rate of 95% and, to date, has successfully recovered more than £4 million in compensation for clients. To speak to our expert solicitors about whether you can make a claim for ear surgery compensation, call 0808 163 8266 or fill in the quick contact form to request a call back.

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