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How Painful is Otoplasty?

The amount of pain felt following a surgical procedure is often difficult to predict and measure, but otoplasty is generally considered by cosmetic surgery practitioners and patients to be less painful than other more invasive cosmetic surgeries. However, you should still be aware of how and why the procedure can go wrong, and maintain a good routine during the healing process.

In the following guide, the experts at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have outlined key elements of the otoplasty procedure and the following healing process so you can reduce the risk of pain and increase your chances of success. Read more to learn about what to do following otoplasty cosmetic surgery.

What is the otoplasty cosmetic surgery process?

Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that aims to change the size or position of the ears, typically to make them less conspicuous by pinning them back, reducing their size, or improving their symmetry.

Depending on the otoplasty procedure, incisions are made in different locations to remove cartilage or skin. Internal stitches will be used to hold the new shape of the ear, and the incisions will then be closed.

Compared to other cosmetic surgery procedures, otoplasty is relatively quick, typically taking only a couple of hours.

What can I expect following otoplasty cosmetic surgery?

Following your otoplasty procedure, you will be required to wear bandages and dressings on your affected ears, which must be kept on until you are advised otherwise. Your surgeon should either provide or recommend you some pain medication to take. This will significantly reduce the discomfort that you may experience after.

Due to the fact that otoplasty wounds take a short time to heal, your pain medication should cover the entire duration of the healing process. However, you may still feel some soreness or tightness around your ears over the next month, and you should take care not to knock them during this time.

How can I ensure the best chances of healing for my otoplasty?

When washing, avoid submerging your ears in water or spraying the showerhead directly at them. Instead, allow water to gently trickle onto them. Maintaining hygiene is an important part of the healing process, but washing too roughly may cause the incisions to open up if they have not fully healed. You should also avoid the types of exercise and clothes that may knock the cuts, such as hats.

Your doctor will assess you after an allotted period of time and remove the stitches. They should give you an estimate as to when you will be safe to bathe and conduct physical activity again. Even after your ears have healed, you should be careful when exposing them to the sun, as dry, sun-touched skin may reopen the scarring.

What should I do if something goes wrong with my otoplasty cosmetic surgery procedure?

It is possible for your cosmetic surgery to go wrong. This is a risk you should be aware of before you agree to undergo your otoplasty procedure, and your surgeon should do everything they can to reduce the risks of this happening.

If your otoplasty cosmetic surgery has gone wrong due to issues in the healing stages, you should contact your surgeon as soon as you think there is a problem and seek a diagnosis. Signs of infection include over-hard swelling, severe pain and bloody drainage from the wounds that does not ease up within the time estimated by your surgeon. Infection can be treated, but depending on its severity and how late it is caught, may leave scarring and require corrective surgery and treatment.

However, if you believe that your cosmetic surgeon has caused something to go wrong with your surgery, you should get a diagnosis from an independent medical professional, and then consider making a cosmetic surgery compensation claim. All medical practitioners are legally bound by a duty of care, which states that the practitioner must carry out their service to a standard set by UK law. If they do not, they will have acted negligently, and you may be eligible to make a cosmetic surgery negligence claim against them.

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