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Social media can have a big impact on the way its users feel about themselves and, while there are many positives to using networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, there are also some drawbacks. Our recent research found that 74 per cent of people back an age limit being put in place on images and videos on social media from celebrities and influencers - paid or unpaid - that promote or demonstrate the effects of cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

This is because many of you are concerned about the impact such images could have on young people, who might decide to undertake risky cosmetic procedures that they’re not physically or emotionally ready for in a bid to emulate influencers that they follow on social networks.

That being said, the popularity of social media shows no signs of abating. Avoiding it altogether might not be practical or even what you want to achieve. So, we have put together a guide that outlines some facts to be aware of and the latest research around social media and its impact on society. We focus especially on body image and how this can be affected when you use networks like Instagram.

We have suggested some accounts to follow that should have a positive rather than detrimental impact on the way you feel about your body. We have also come up with some easy ways to adapt your social media habits so that you are using it more mindfully. To take a look at our suggestions, click here or on the image below to see the full infographic. If you have any tips of your own, get in touch.

Social media, mindfulness and body image

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