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We’re campaigning to make changes to Instagram in order to help protect young and vulnerable people who are exposed to unsuitable images of cosmetic procedures posted by influencers and celebrities.

However, we know that Instagram also has tremendous power to promote positive, healthy messages that can provide inspiration, motivation and much-needed support. Indeed, there are many accounts that support or promote the body positive movement. This is a social movement that is rooted in the belief that everyone should be able to accept and celebrate their body - whatever shape, size or colour it may be - while shifting away from society and the media's portrayal of thin, white women as the desired standard of beauty.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the very best body-positive accounts in the UK that you should follow in 2019.

1. @midsizecollective

With over 25,000 followers, the MidSize Collective features and celebrates women of ‘mid-size’, that is women who wear between a size 10 and 18 clothing. A great account for style and fashion inspiration.


2. @megan_rose_lane

London-based beauty blogger Megan shares personal accounts of her journey into motherhood, including how she has struggled with her new body image post-pregnancy. Not only does Megan offer a candid insider view, she also runs workshops designed to empower women through her account @shegrowsevents.


3. @ginamartin

Activist, feminist and writer Gina Martin recently petitioned - and succeeded - to criminalise the practice of taking ‘upskirt’ photosl. Her inspirational account touches on issues as varied as body confidence, how to campaign, climate change, women’s rights in the workplace and mental health.

Gina Martin

4. @Bodyposipanda

With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, Megan promotes body positivity and feminism and shares inspirational messages and imagery from her colourful account.


5. @I_weigh

Started by actress Jameela Jamil, the I Weigh account supports inclusivity by asking followers to share a photo and description of themselves that focuses on their personality and passions, rather than their physical attributes.


6. @BBCbodypositive

An initiative from the BBC, this Instagram account champions acceptance by offering self-care top tips on how to be kind to yourself and others. Its daily posts share cartoons, videos and quotes from celebs as little reminders to check in and look after yourself.

BBC Body Positivity

7. @doodlez4noodles

The anonymous cartoonist account shares simple yet powerful ‘doodles’ on themes such as mental health, eating disorders, body positivity, motivation quotes and little reminders to be kind to yourself.


8. @Scarrednotscared

Body confidence coach Michelle launched her Scarred Not Scared campaign to open up conversation about living with scars. On her account, she encourages people to share the remarkable stories behind their scars while promoting body confidence and discussing hard-hitting issues.

Scarred Not Scared

There’s really too many to list in one article, so if you’re looking for more ideas, try following the hashtags #bodyposi, #allbodiesarebeautiful, #mentalhealthawareness and #bodyconfidence.

Find out more and get involved with our petition to help protect young and vulnerable people on Instagram here.

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