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Over the past few years, we’ve noticed the normalisation of appearance-changing cosmetic procedures. As techniques have become more complex, non-surgical procedures provide a ‘look’ akin to that of an actual surgery with drastically reduced treatment and recovery times.

People are integrating cosmetic procedures - both surgical and non-surgical - into their personal care routines, and treating these procedures with the same caution as you might approach a haircut or a trip to the dentist.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) produced a global report on aesthetic and cosmetic procedures performed in 2018, which revealed that a total of 23,266,374 procedures were carried out globally in 2018, compared with around 20,236,901 in 2014. We’re unsurprised to learn that there has been a 15% increase in cosmetic procedures over this four-year period, especially given the rise in the popularity of non-surgical procedures.

The report also revealed that between 2017 - 2018, there was a 10% increase in the popularity of nonsurgical procedures and a decrease of 0.6% in surgical procedures, demonstrating the normalisation of these so-called ‘tweakments’.

One of the most significant statistics highlighted in the report is the 20.7% decrease in rhinoplasty procedures worldwide. We suspect that this is due to the rise of ‘liquid nose jobs’ using dermal fillers to re-proportion the nose. This procedure can be completed within minutes and requires no recovery time. A traditional rhinoplasty procedure is significantly more challenging for a patient and requires at least two weeks of recovery time, along with three to six weeks before the patient can undertake sports or strenuous activities.

While influencers in society and on social media are making statements about body positivity and loving yourself as you are, ISAPS data reveals that there has been an increase in liposuction and abdominoplasty procedures. Liposuction is the second most popular procedure globally, with a 9.2% increase in procedures from 2017 to 2018, with abdominoplasty procedures increasing by 9.7% annually.

At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, we’re passionate about ensuring that patients are put before profits. Your surgeon should explain any associated risks and potential complications before your procedure, to ensure that you’re fully informed. If you’re undertaking a cosmetic procedure, we want you to be sure before you go ahead. Read our guide to safely finding a cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was established in 2005 in response to the rising number of people who had experienced negligence at the hands of a surgeon or practitioner. If you suspect that your surgeon was negligent, get in touch with our expert team on 0808 159 5232 or using a contact form to discuss your case.

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