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Women who wear a C cup-sized bra are the most satisfied overall with their breasts, according to our national survey.

Of all the 871 women who took part, those with C cups felt most positively about their bra size.

When participants were asked if they loved, liked, didn’t mind, disliked or hated their breasts, the following said they either liked or loved their breasts:

  • 39% of C cups
  • 37% of D and DD cups
  • 34% of A and AA cups
  • 29% of E and F cups
  • 27% of B cups

11% of women with D or DDs said they ‘loved’ their breasts, which was the largest percentage of any cup size to select this option.

The majority of women, regardless of cup size, stated they ‘don’t mind’ their breasts (38%), and a quarter (25%) said they ‘like them’.

Michael Saul, partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, said: “It is very encouraging to hear that most women in the UK have a positive attitude towards their breasts and that only 18% of respondents would consider cosmetic surgery.

“For women who are very unhappy with their breasts, surgery can produce a good outcome, but it is major procedure and, as such, we would urge anyone considering breast surgery of any kind to make sure they take their time and do their research before committing to this potentially life-changing operation.”

When asked if their breasts had influenced their personality, women with the smallest and largest cup sizes were most likely to say ‘yes’. 27% of E and F cups said ‘yes’, along with:

  • 25% of A or AA cups
  • 18% of B cups
  • 17% of C cups
  • 16% of D and DD cups

A frequently given example of how breast size can affect personality was related to clothing. One respondent said: “I had to learn to be aware of how I dress and act because, since they’re big, I’m automatically considered indecent, hypersexual or unintelligent. I have to make an effort to be taken seriously.”

Confidence was also a common theme, with women stating their breasts had made them feel either more or less confident, regardless of cup size. One respondent said: “If they were bigger, I think I'd be more confident. Not to show them off or anything, but I'd feel better about myself.”

Many women said they were unwilling to remove their bra in front of their partner, or that they avoided being in a relationship entirely, due to low self esteem as a result of their breast size.

For those sized B cup and larger, sagging was the most commonly given reason respondents gave for why they disliked their breasts, whether from breastfeeding, age, weight loss or the natural shape of their breasts.

In contrast, numerous women said breastfeeding made them feel more positive about their breasts. One woman said: “The wonderful nature of breastfeeding made a big impact on my bonding with my children."

If you have experienced problems following breast surgery as a result of clinical negligence, you can call us on 0808 302 2855 or complete our contact form to speak to us and find out if you can make a compensation claim.

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Mike Saul


Michael Saul is a partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, where he brings his extensive specialist legal expertise and passion for helping people to the forefront of his work. With a proven track record of success in cosmetic surgery negligence cases, Michael has dedicated his career to providing clients with the highest level of representation and achieving favourable outcomes.

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