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How Painful is an Arm Lift?

Any cosmetic surgery can be painful at various points in the procedure, and arm lift surgery is no different. As anaesthetic is used to nullify any pain during the surgery process, the healing period is typically where most of the pain and discomfort occur.

Surgeons can provide and recommend pain medication, but it is likely to still be some discomfort, felt especially during movement of the arms and flexing of the muscles. This is due to the tightening of the skin and tissue that happens naturally when the body heals.
The experts at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have produced the following guide to help you understand what you can expect following arm lift surgery and how to best look after yourself during the healing period.

What Happens After an Arm Lift Procedure?

Following your arm lift surgery, your surgeon will make sure the necessary stitches and bandages are properly in place to facilitate healing. As arm lifts involve the removal of sagging skin and some tissue, it is important for the incisions to heal and set in the correct place. To aid this, your surgeon may provide you with a compression garment. This will help to hold your skin together, protect them from getting caught on clothes and other elements, and keep your arms elevated.

Your surgeon will call you back for assessments, advise you on having  stitches removed, and recommend when you can go back to normal activities. They are legally obligated to provide you with guidance on how to best look after yourself following the procedure.

What is Required During the Arm Lift Recovery Period?

The healing process can take around one to two weeks, but you should still remain cautious after this. You should avoid strenuous activities and exercise for a minimum of two weeks, or until your surgeon permits you to do so. This includes heavy lifting, sports and lifting your arms above your head. You should seek help from another person if you require reaching for something above you, and avoid driving for the first week.

When taking showers, do not point the showerhead directly at the wounds as this may cause damage to the healing skin and tissue. Instead, allow the water to flow over your wounds, and make sure to clean any soap from them, or risk infection. For the same reason, you should avoid baths altogether until your surgeon says it is safe to do so.

The body does the most efficient healing during sleep, so ensure you get the best rest possible and sleep on your back with pillows to keep you propped up.

Drinking lots of water can help hydrate you and your skin, and you may find that you need to drink more as your body repairs itself.

Arm lift surgery can sometimes involve liposuction, which requires lots of small incisions to be made in the target area. If you had liposuction, you may experience some fluid drainage from your wounds. This is natural, as is swelling and tightness of the skin.

How Will I Know if I Have an Infection?

Infections can occur due to a number of reasons, including any of those mentioned above, or due to medical negligence. The symptoms of infection include:

  • Persistent and increasing swelling that feels hard
  • Itchiness and increased pain
  • Excessive drainage of fluid from wounds

If you are worried that you have an infection, you should speak to your surgeon or GP as soon as possible. 

What Should I Do if I Believe My Surgeon Acted with Negligence?

Your surgeon may have acted with negligence if they broke their duty of care to you. If they did not perform to this legal standard and caused you harm, you may be entitled to claim medical negligence and should speak to a professional solicitor.

Arm lift negligence includes incorrect procedure or mistakes made during the arm lift surgery, or the lack of adequate guidance on how to look after your wounds following the procedure.

After you have seen a medical professional for an assessment and treatment, you should talk to the experts at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors. We will pinpoint where your situation went wrong and be able to help you claim finances that will help you to get corrective surgery and support.

For further details about finding a safe and reliable cosmetic surgeon, check out our resource page here.

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