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How to Heal Chemical Peel Burn on Face

If you believe you are suffering from a chemical burn following a cosmetic procedure, the first thing you should do is contact your surgeon or doctor. It is natural to feel some discomfort after a chemical peel procedure; the skin will be sore and appear red, which could last up to a few months. However, intense pain that does not alleviate over time may indicate that something has gone wrong.

Chemical burns are a possibility following a chemical peel due to the nature of the procedure, and the chances of a burn occurring are higher with deep peels. While chemical peels are typically safer than many other cosmetic surgery procedures, they do not come without risk and you should make yourself aware of these before you undergo the treatment.

To aid the healing of a chemical burn, you should apply ice or gently pour cool water onto the affected spot. Avoid covering the burn with alcohol as this can reduce the speed of the healing process. Allowing the skin to breathe will reduce the chances of it drying out, which will cause tightness and more pain. 

Using an emollient can help to soothe the skin and promote moisture retention. For more severe cases, you may need to apply a steroid cream, such as hydrocortisone. Make sure to keep any lotions or creams out of your eyes and do not spread them too thickly or they will take longer to be absorbed by the skin.

While the skin is healing, use sun cream and limit sun exposure before you leave the house to make sure you do not suffer any sun damage that could cause the skin to dry out and become more damaged.

If your injury is serious, there is a chance that you may need to seek corrective surgery. You should not go down this route unless your doctor has advised you to do so as the process can be expensive and will require you to go through another surgical procedure.


What should I do if I believe the chemical burn was caused by my cosmetic surgeon?

Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for cosmetic surgery procedures to go wrong by fault of the surgeon. If you believe this applies to you, you should seek medical help from a different professional, such as your GP.

Every medical professional in the UK is legally bound by a duty of care to their patients which they must uphold. This states that they must not cause harm to the people under their care, and that they must perform their duties to a standard set by UK law. If they fail to meet these requirements, they will have acted with medical negligence. 

Your surgeon should have assessed your skin during the consultation to find out what depth of chemical peel you required. If their assessment was incorrect, or they did not conduct one which led to you suffering a burn, this will be considered negligence. If you have sustained a chemical peel burn due to your surgeon conducting the wrong chemical peel strength, you may need an assessment from another medical professional to determine this.

If you believe that your surgeon has acted with negligence, you may be able to make a compensation claim against them. In the case that your injury has significantly affected your life, you may need to seek expensive corrective surgery or private healthcare. A compensation claim will afford you the finances to pay for these and any further support you may need - you should not have to pay for an accident that was not your fault.

To learn more about making a chemical peel compensation claim, you should speak to the experts at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors as soon as you are able.

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