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Do Not Let a Botched Job Ruin Your Smile: How to Handle Bad Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are a type of dental veneer which are made of carefully crafted layers of tooth-coloured composite material, which is then meticulously applied onto the tooth's surface. The goal is to create a radiant, picture-perfect smile that enhances the patient's appearance and bolsters their self-confidence.

However, as beneficial as this procedure might be when done correctly, it is not exempt from pitfalls. The expertise and qualifications of the dentist are of utmost importance. We have dealt with many cases of dental treatments gone wrong, and the painful ramifications that a veneer job gone awry can have on the patient.

In the following guide, the cosmetic dentistry experts at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors explore the implications of bad dental implants and explain what you should do if you have suffered due to dental negligence.

Risks and Complications of Poorly Done Composite Veneers

A poorly executed composite veneer procedure can lead to a series of physical and emotional problems. Patients often report discomfort and pain, which, if persistent, may signal a problem. Additionally, visual cues, such as uneven shapes, noticeable colour discrepancies, or issues related to gum health, can also suggest a botched job.

Left neglected or improperly addressed, these issues can cause severe long-term damage to your natural teeth. In the worst cases, this might escalate to gum disease and, eventually, tooth loss. However, the physical complications are only one part of the problem. The psychological trauma associated with botched dental work and cosmetic procedures can be equally distressing. Many victims endure significant emotional distress and a profound blow to their self-esteem due to the unsatisfactory outcome of their procedure.

What to Do If You Suspect You Are a Victim of a Botched Veneer Job

If you find yourself grappling with the aftermath of a potentially botched veneer job, whether you had had composite or traditional porcelain veneers installed, many of the issues you can face are similar, and it is crucial to seek medical help as soon as possible. Start by scheduling a consultation with a qualified dentist or another independent healthcare professional, such as your GP, who can evaluate your situation and confirm your suspicions. During this process, it is also essential to document your experiences - your physical symptoms and emotional struggles - to maintain a comprehensive record of your ordeal. This will help your case significantly if you choose to seek legal help.

Once the severity of your situation is verified, legal advice becomes your next critical step. As a patient, you are entitled to a standard of care that should not be compromised. If you believe your rights have been violated due to a botched veneer procedure, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can support you. We specialise in handling clinical negligence claims and can guide you in seeking justice.

Preventing Bad Composite Veneers

As well as curing bad veneers and oral health, it is also essential to understand how to prevent these problems from arising in the first place. When it comes to composite veneers, choosing a competent and reliable cosmetic dentist is potentially the most important step. Here are some tips to consider when doing so:

  • Verify their credentials: are they registered with the General Dental Council? Do they possess the necessary training and experience?
  • Request before-and-after photos of their previous work: these images can provide a sneak-peek into their work quality and style.
  • Dedicate sufficient time for a proper consultation: your dentist should willingly explain the procedure, risks, benefits, and address all your queries.

Your responsibilities do not end with the procedure, which also goes for cosmetic dentists. Maintaining your dental health post-veneers is equally important, and your dentist should inform you on how to look after yourself during the recovery period. If they do not, they will have acted with negligence, and you may be able to make a compensation claim against them.

How Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors Can Help

Composite veneers can transform your smile and, by extension, your life. But the pivotal element in this transformation is the professional handling your procedure. If you suspect that you have become the victim of a botched veneer job, take immediate action. Seek medical attention and legal help.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has cemented our place as a leading UK law firm specialising in clinical negligence cases involving cosmetic surgery and dental negligence. If you are suffering and believe you have a valid claim, our team offers a complimentary initial consultation to understand your situation better. Even if you have no idea how the legal process works, call us today, and we will discuss your options.

Call Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today for expert legal advice and find out whether you are eligible to claim compensation. Contact us on 0808 291 1162, or fill out an online contact form and we will be in touch at a time specified by you.

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Russell Sutton is a partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding dental negligence cases. Russell's commitment to his clients is unmatched, as he empathises with the emotional and physical toll that dental negligence can take on people’s lives.

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