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How Long Does a Dental Negligence Claim Take? 

Dental negligence occurs when a medical provider does not give you the proper care. This can apply to any situation in which improper, delayed, or subpar treatment caused further harm or suffering. 

Unfortunately, dental negligence can have an impact on your financial and mental wellbeing in addition to your physical health. If you are unsure of what constitutes as dental malpractice or negligence in the UK, look at some of our examples below. If you had any of the following experiences, you might be able to file a claim for compensation: 

  • Delayed diagnosis: it is vital that your dentist spots any potential problems as soon as they possibly can. If they fail to diagnose a problem in time, it can delay treatment and make the dental issue far greater

  • Incorrect or negligent treatment: your dentist may have excessive force on your mouth that causes you excess trauma, or you may have had the wrong tooth removed 

  • Misdiagnosis: much like with delayed diagnosis, a dentist’s failure to diagnose the correct issue, it can delay treatment and cause more problems if it is not sorted as quickly as possible 

Dental negligence claims are made when a person claims against a dental health professional or dental practice for negligence that led to the victim's avoidable damage, unnecessary pain, psychological distress, or financial burden.

You may have a good case for dental negligence if you believe that your dentist gave you dental treatment below the standard that it should be, either purposefully or accidentally, which caused you unneeded suffering.

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What are some signs that I have experienced dental negligence?

In performing surgery or other procedures, dentists and dental technicians have a duty of care to protect their patients. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, leading to dental surgery mistakes that can have a serious negative impact on the patient's life.

Patients can then find themselves in urgent need of additional care, having to take time off work and facing unexpected expenses. If you have suffered negligence dental care, it is possible to file a claim for dental compensation in certain circumstances.

The following mistakes could indicate that your dentist was negligent:

  • Nerve damage to the patient’s teeth

  • Inadequate root canal surgery

  • Dental implants failure

  • Extraction of the wrong tooth or too many teeth

  • Failure to manage and treat tooth decay

  • Inadequate fillings

  • Inadequate crowns

  • Failure to manage gum disease

Our dental law experts can help if you are dealing with any of these problems. Even if your symptoms are not on the list, we might still be able to help, so we encourage you to get in touch.

How long will my dental negligence claim take?

The length of time for a dental negligence claim will vary case by case, each person’s negligence experience is different and should be treated as such. On average, however, dental negligence claims may take between 12 and 18 months. In certain cases, it can take longer than this. 

Factors that determine how long a dental claim might take include:

  • How long it takes to gather evidence 

  • Getting an independent dental expert’s report on the severity of injury 

  • Time taken before agreeing on a settlement fee 

  • The willingness of the negligent dentist/dental practice to accept liability for the accused negligence

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Any negligence could have a negative impact on one's life. When we visit the dentist, we want to find a solution to our dental problems rather than continue to be in pain. Because medical professionals have a duty of care to their patients, we are aware of how upsetting it must be for you or a loved one to suffer harm as a result of an error or thoughtless treatment by your dentist that should have been avoided.

We are here to help you get justice, seek retribution, and get fair recompense.

If you have experienced dental negligence, our team is here to help. Simply contact us on 0808 296 3266, or fill out our online contact form to arrange a call with a member of our expert team today.  

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Russell Sutton is a partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding dental negligence cases. Russell's commitment to his clients is unmatched, as he empathises with the emotional and physical toll that dental negligence can take on people’s lives.

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