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How do I know if my lips have gone wrong after having lip filler?

There are a variety of different issues that can arise when having lip fillers. It could be that your aesthetician/cosmetic surgeon does not have the necessary training and qualifications to carry out dermal filler procedures, or is using unsafe substances to inject into your lips.

It could also be that the person carrying out the procedure was not paying attention at the time and behaving in a negligent manner. Some of the common signs of lip fillers going wrong include:

  • Lumpiness. Successful lip fillers should not be lumpy to the touch or to look at. If your lips are lumpy, this may be because the technique used to insert the filler was incorrect, or a filler with too much viscosity has been used.
  • Lip tissue necrosis. If the lip fillers have not been successfully administered, necrosis of the lip tissue can occur. Necrosis is generally caused by the obstruction of a blood vessel, and this prevents vital oxygenated blood from reaching the lip tissue. It is vital to get your lip fillers checked out if you are experiencing necrosis.

In some instances, lip filler migration may occur, but this is not necessarily a result of negligence. Other issues may include too much filler, an allergic reaction, or severe pain relating to lack of blood flow as a result of having filler.

If you have had lip fillers that have gone wrong, contact us today for a call with one of our experts on 0808 252 0175, or fill in our online contact form to request a callback.

The rise of lip filler procedures

The last decade has seen the desire for fuller, plumper lips grow significantly. Reality TV shows such as Love Island and social media platforms such as TikTok have given a platform to those who have had non-invasive cosmetic surgery to discuss their procedures openly.

The rise in the ‘normalisation’ of procedures such as injectable fillers has seen an increase in the number of cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians who are now offering lip fillers.

What are lip fillers?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips. To get the desired fuller look, generally, a dermal filler is injected at various points of the lips to give an even, plumper lip.

The most common dermal fillers contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body and can increase the volume of certain features when injected.

Collagen was once the most common dermal filler but is used less frequently now for lip injections, with the safer aforementioned options taking the lead in the cosmetic industry.

Fat injections and implants are also an option when looking to increase the size of lips but are generally not considered as the results are more varied, and there is a greater risk of side effects.

Can you remedy bad lip fillers?

If you have experienced any of the problems mentioned above which have resulted in bad lip filler, contact your aesthetician to ask for advice. If you do not trust your practitioner to give sound advice following your procedure, speak to your GP or another aesthetic practitioner to get a second opinion.

An experienced cosmetic surgeon may be able to correct them or may suggest having them dissolved. There are some options to correct bad lip fillers:

  • Massaging the lips to resolve the lumpiness. This must be done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, do not attempt to do this yourself.
  • Dissolving the original lip fillers.
  • Wait for the fillers to dissolve naturally over time.

Can this be avoided?

We recommend that you do extensive research before you proceed with lip fillers, as we suggest with all cosmetic procedures.

It is important that you trust your practitioner completely and that they are able to answer any questions that you may have prior to the procedure.

A lip filler procedure carries some risk (as do all procedures), but you should feel confident in your decision after receiving all the information.

If you have experienced cosmetic negligence, we are here to help. We are one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery claims and beauty negligence solicitors. Contact us today for a call with one of our experts on 0808 252 0175, or fill in our online contact form to request a callback.

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