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Surgery Process Guide to Vertical Incision Mammoplasty

“Because breast size alters with body weight, your weight needs to be stable before surgery… Your breasts won’t grow back after surgery, but they may get bigger if you put on weight or become pregnant.” – BUPA 

Vertical incision breast reduction (sometimes known as the ‘lollipop’ incision), is a procedure in which a surgeon creates an incision around the areola and vertically down the breast before removing the excess tissue.  


General anaesthetic will be given to you to ease discomfort during the operation.

Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step
Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step

An incision is made around the areola and vertically down the breast tissue. 


The surgeon then cuts away the excess fatty deposits and skin.

Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step
Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step

Just as with the traditional or ‘anchor’ incision, the nipple is able to be moved up the breast, but no more than a few millimetres as it is still attached to the breast mould.


The skin around incision is pulled tight over itself and stitched up.

Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step
Complications / Negligence Signs

Uneven breasts.

Cosmetic Surgery Complication
Cosmetic Surgery Complication

Wound healing issues where the two incision scars meet.

Surgical Risks

Excessive bleeding.


The risks of general anaesthetic is very rare, (typically, these risks will occur one case in every 10,000), however can include;

-Anaphylaxis (a harmful reaction to the anaesthetic)

Inherited reaction to the anaesthetic

In extremely rare cases, death (approx. 1 death for every 100,000 general anaesthetics given).

These problems are more likely to occur if:

you are undergoing emergency surgery

you have other illnesses 

you are a smoker

you are overweight 

Your surgeon should talk you through these risks before your operation. 


Before going ahead with any cosmetic procedure it’s crucial that you consider both the psychological and financial associations. You can familiarise yourself with these key considerations here, by reading the S.A.F.E Choice Guide. 

Questions & Concerns

Has your cosmetic surgery left you with questions and conerns about the success of your procedure?

Do you think you may have been a cosmetic surgery negligence? Our specialist solicitors may be able to start a claim for you.

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