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Mole Removal Compensation Claims

When Treatment to Erase Moles Causes Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

Moles are small coloured spots on the skin of various sizes, shapes and colours, although many are brown. Moles can be flat or raised and are most common on a person’s face, arms and back.

Moles can be common among families, genetics plays a large part in their production while sun exposure and age also cause moles to appear.

If you have cosmetic treatment to remove your mole but the mole treatment goes wrong because of the incompetence of your cosmetic surgeon or clinic then you may be able to make a mole treatments compensation claim.

That’s where Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, the leading plastic surgery UK law firm can help you.

Talk to us today on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from one of our dedicated no win no fee clinical negligence solicitors so you can start your mole removal treatments negligence claim without any delay.

Compensation for Mole Removal Treatments Negligence

Moles are common to most people and develop during the first 30 years of knife. While most are harmless, it is important for your GP to examine a mile to ensure that it is not cancerous. It would then have to be surgically removed.

Moles are also removed for cosmetic purposes as they can become a nuisance by catching on clothes for example. Moles can also have a considerable effect on self-confidence, particularly when the mole is clearly visible to other people.

Most mole removal treatments are successful but what do you do when the removal of your role has gone wrong?

You should make a claim for mole removal treatment compensation by talking to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from one of our expert mole treatment solicitors to start the clinical negligence compensation claims process.

Mole Removal Negligence at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was established ten years ago primarily to assist victims of cosmetic surgery negligence to recover from the incompetence of their cosmetic surgeon or clinic.

Over that decade we have an outstanding rate of success with 95% of all our clinical negligence claims cases pursued after obtaining medical evidence being successful. Those winning cases have provided our clients with over £2.5 million in compensation when they’ve been victims of cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

When you make a no fee no win compensation claim with us, you can draw on the expertise and experience of Michael Saul, Head of Cosmetic Claims and his team of mole removal treatment solicitors.

Start the claims process for mole removals negligence by following these simple steps:

  1. Call our expert Mole Removal Treatments Compensation team on 0800 634 0285
  2. Allow our clinical negligence solicitors to call you back when you’re available
  3. Tell us how your mole removal treatment went wrong and our experienced cosmetic medical negligence solicitors will tell you how you can make a mole removal compensation claim
  4. Once you’ve agreed to proceed, our dedicated mole removal treatment solicitors will take it from there

How Mole Removal Treatments Work

There are four main types of mole removal treatments available in the UK.

  1. Shave excision surgery is the most common mole removal procedure used, especially for moles that stick out prominently from the patient’s skin. After a local anaesthetic, the mole is planed down until it is flat to the skin.


  1. Ellipse excision surgery is often used for flat or potentially cancerous moles. A local anaesthetic is used and then the mole is excised surgically, leaving a small scar.


  1. Laser treatments can be used for smaller moles and uses the thermal energy of the laser to break down the mole and burn it away.


  1. Cryotherapy or freezing is sometimes used for mole removal treatment by utilising liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin cells until they die.

Whatever type of mole removal surgery you’ve had performed, if your mole treatments have gone wrong, then you should contact Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors on 0800 634 0285 to start a claim for mole removal treatments negligence compensation.

Has your Mole Removal Gone Wrong?

Thousands of mole removal treatments are successfully performed in the UK each year with no major complications.

However some patients have suffered from negligent mole removal procedures which have left them in considerable distress.

Common complications that indicate mole removal treatments negligence can include:

  • Damage to the patient’s skin pigment
  • Inappropriate scarring after the mole removal procedure
  • Burns and blistering

If you’re suffering from any of these issues indicating mole removal negligence then it could be possible for you to make a claim for financial compensation.

Speak to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today on 0800 634 0285 to discuss how you can start the mole removal treatments claims process now.

Mole Removal Compensation with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

We are the leading cosmetic surgery negligence solicitors with a reputation for delivering the best possible results for mole removal treatment claims for compensation.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have over ten years’ experience in negligence cases where cosmetic surgery has gone badly wrong. Through that decade of cases we fully understand how distressing mole removal gone wrong can be for the patient both physically and mentally.

If you feel you are suffering from mole removal treatments negligence, then we can help you decide what the best compensation claims option is for you.

Call us now on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from Michael Saul or one of our no win no fee mole removal solicitors and start your mole removal surgical negligence claim for compensation today.


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