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Can I Sue a Plastic Surgeon for Bad Rhinoplasty?

If you have had a recent rhinoplasty procedure, you could be entitled to compensation if the surgery has caused injuries, infection, or permanent damage. A rhinoplasty procedure is a type of surgery that can change the shape of your nose. 

A cosmetic surgeon has a duty of care to ensure that your surgery goes as it should and that you do not suffer any long-term damage from your rhinoplasty. Below we look at some answers associated with the question, can I sue my plastic surgeon for bad rhinoplasty?

What is a rhinoplasty procedure?

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping or a ‘nose job’, is a type of procedure that can change the size or shape of your nose. This could mean changing the cartilage and bone or reshaping the skin around your nose, sometimes a skin graft or implant will be used. However complex your rhinoplasty procedure, your plastic surgeon has a duty of care. If they make a mistake, they could be liable due to medical negligence.

The NHS does not cover rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, but you may get a rhinoplasty procedure through the NHS for medical reasons. This is most commonly done to help with breathing difficulties. 

A rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure, so the surgeon should be qualified and registered with the GMC (General Medical Council). You can check whether your surgeon has a licence through the online GMC register. 

What counts as a bad rhinoplasty procedure?

Bad rhinoplasty is classed as anything that causes preventable damage or does not solve the issue at hand. Any medical professional carrying out rhinoplasty, whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, should have the correct qualifications. If your rhinoplasty has gone wrong, you may be able to claim compensation. 

A bad rhinoplasty procedure can include:

  • Deformity 
  • Asymmetry 
  • Alar collapse
  • A drooping or excessively upturned tip
  • Excessive removal of cartilage
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Inappropriate scarring
  • Failure to perform surgery in accordance with the patient’s consent

Your surgeon should discuss all of the risks with you before the procedure. It is important to note that you cannot sue your surgeon if you simply do not like the look of your rhinoplasty. You should discuss this with your surgeon as soon as possible, as you may need a revision rhinoplasty. 

You may be able to sue your surgeon for bad rhinoplasty surgery if they made specific promises to you that were not carried out through the procedure. When it comes to things such as infection or damage, this can be difficult to prove. You should discuss your case with a cosmetic surgery lawyer, as they can let you know whether you have enough evidence to build a case. 

Should I sue my plastic surgeon for a bad rhinoplasty?

So the question still remains, can I sue my plastic surgeon for bad rhinoplasty? Depending on the severity of your botched rhinoplasty, you may be left with long-lasting damage or require further surgery to correct mistakes. This could impact your finances, as well as your mental and physical health. Suing a plastic surgeon will ensure you get the compensation you need for any losses. 

Making a case is not just for financial purposes either. Getting the justice you deserve if your plastic surgeon is proven to be negligent will ensure the same thing does not happen again. The healthcare facility will open an investigation against your plastic surgeon, which could protect others from injury or damage due to medical negligence. They may also lose their licence if they are proven to be negligent. 

This choice is not an easy one so you should speak to a solicitor for further advice before deciding whether you should sue your plastic surgeon.

How can I make a case for bad rhinoplasty against my plastic surgeon?

The best way to make a case for bad rhinoplasty is by getting the correct legal advice and support from a cosmetic surgery solicitor. They have the experience and knowledge required to build a case and get the appropriate evidence to support your claims. 

The documents you will require to build a case against your plastic surgeon include:

  • Pictures of bruising, swelling, or damage
  • Statements from the healthcare professionals involved with your rhinoplasty
  • A written statement from yourself 
  • Any proof of financial loss, such as time off work due to long recovery times
  • Medical results and scans that prove damage after your surgery

A good solicitor will help you get all the evidence you need and will help you with your written statement. If you are the victim of a bad rhinoplasty, speak to a solicitor for advice. 

If you have experienced cosmetic negligence, we are here to help. We are the UK’s first leading cosmetic claims and negligence solicitors. Contact us for advice on how you can make a claim for rhinoplasty negligence on 0808  252 0175, or fill in our online contact form



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