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Cosmetic surgery expert Gary Ross is the first surgeon to be certified by the Royal College of Surgeons’ (RCS) new scheme to improve industry standards.

The RCS announced earlier this year the launch of a new certification for plastic surgeons in the pursuit of increasing patient safety.

Mr Ross operates out of the Christie Clinic in Withington, Greater Manchester, and the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle.

He told the BBC, “In an industry becoming increasingly tarnished by the actions of those who place profit above patient wellbeing, safeguards and checks to protect the vulnerable have never been more important.”

“Which is why the new certification system launched by the Royal College of Surgeons – brought in to protect the cosmetic surgery industry and to guide patients in their life-changing choices – could prove to be one of the greatest steps forward yet, for all concerned.”

In a recent survey, from Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, it was discovered that 65% of people in the UK wouldn’t know how to safely choose a cosmetic surgeon.

Mr Tim Goodacre, RCS council member and cosmetic surgery lead, said, “This certification system will ensure all patients considering cosmetic surgery will be able to easily identify a surgeon with the right skills and experience to perform their chosen procedure.”

Michael Saul, from Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, said, “We welcome the introduction of the new certification from the RCS. Regulation in the cosmetic surgery private sector has long been a concern of ours, and so we urge all doctors to go through the certification process.”

“We hope this new scheme will help to improve standards across the industry, as well as assist patients to find a surgeon they can trust.”