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Katie Price Says, ‘Raise The Age Of Cosmetic Surgery Consent’

April 17, 2015

shutterstock_127244042Katie Price hit headlines recently by stating her belief that the age of consent for cosmetic surgery should increase from 18 up to 21. The former glamour model and businesswoman is famous in the media for experimenting with plastic surgery, particularly with regards to breast augmentation – she has undergone several procedures to increase and decrease the size of her bust over the years.

‘Perhaps the industry ought to take notice of her words.’

In the ‘If I Were Prime Minister’ slot The Independent runs in the lead up to the general election, Katie mentions the pressures young women face and the possibility that many turn to plastic surgery in order to please others instead of themselves. As a woman who has experienced these pressures first-hand, turning to cosmetic surgery at an early age, perhaps the industry ought to take notice of her words.

At present under-18s are able to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures but only with a letter of consent from parents. Yet Katie is one of many who believe that 18 is still too young to make such a potentially life-changing decision.

Many teens see surgery as a way to fit in with peers

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that a key reason given by young people for having surgery was that teenagers felt it was a way to fit in and to gain acceptance from their peers. But is this a good reason for undergoing life altering surgery?

Industry expert, Mike Saul, comments “People develop at different rates and the teenage years are a period when many changes take place in an individual’s life, both emotionally and physically.

“Many young people experience intense feelings of self-consciousness due to these changes but this can often fade as they move into adulthood. Eighteen is still very young – raising the age of consent might help to ensure that people have not only finished growing physically but that they have also developed the emotional maturity necessary to handle the consequences that cosmetic surgery could potentially have on their lives.”

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