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What to Do If You Are Unhappy with Breast Uplift Surgery

Breast uplift surgery is a common surgery to lift and reshape breasts, and remove loose skin.


After the procedure, you may find that you are unhappy with breast uplift surgery. This could be because of scarring, healing problems, or damage to the skin, tissue or nerves underneath. If you are not happy with your results, we advise that you speak to the professional who carried out the procedure.

You may be able to claim compensation and sue your plastic surgeon if you can prove medical negligence.

What is breast uplift surgery?


Breast uplift surgery, or mastopexy, involves lifting the breasts and reshaping them, to give them a more youthful shape. This can mean removing loose skin too, especially if you have lost weight recently. Your nipples may also be moved during the surgery, so they sit naturally on your breasts after changing shape.

Many women choose breast uplift surgery following childbirth, after breastfeeding, or if they have undergone major weight loss. These can all cause the skin around your breasts to stretch, leaving less natural support and causing your breast to droop down.

What can go wrong during and after breast uplift surgery?

As with any surgery, a breast uplift procedure involves some risks. The main things that can go wrong during and after breast uplift surgery include:

  • Healing problems, which sometimes require further surgery
  • Bleeding
  • Scars, which occasionally require further surgery to correct
  • Infection
  • Pain, bruising, or swelling
  • Loss of blood supply to your breast
  • Seroma, which is fluid collecting in your breasts
  • A change in feeling, such as increased or reduced sensation
  • An allergic reaction to the stitches or solutions used during and after surgery
  • Poor results
  • Damage to the skin, nerves, or tissues around your breasts
  • Asymmetry

Any of these things may cause you to be unhappy with breast uplift surgery. Some of these could be caused by medical negligence, especially if your plastic surgeon made a mistake or used the wrong equipment. You will need to complete the correct aftercare following your procedure to reduce the risk of any problems. If you have done everything correctly, it may be the fault of your surgeon.

It is important to understand that breast uplift surgery will not last as long if you have larger breasts. Your plastic surgeon should discuss your breast uplift with you and let you know of anything that could affect your results, so you can make an informed decision.

Should I sue my plastic surgeon if I am unhappy with my breast uplift surgery?

Suing your plastic surgeon depends on the type of damage caused and the reason you are unhappy with your breast uplift surgery. If you are simply unhappy with your cosmetic results, you should wait for any swelling to go down, as your breasts may change during the healing period.

You should then speak to your plastic surgeon. They may be able to provide a solution or offer further surgery if you are not happy with your results once the area has had time to heal properly.

If you have been left with long-term effects that could have been avoided, you may have a medical negligence case on your hands. You should speak to a cosmetic surgery solicitor about your case, as they can let you know whether you have the evidence to pursue this further.

How can I make a case for bad breast uplift surgery?

Whether or not you have a case will depend on many factors, such as whether medical negligence can be proven and what damage has been caused. If you are unhappy with your breast uplift surgery, speak to a solicitor who has experience in cosmetic surgery cases. They will let you know if you have a case and what evidence you would need to prove medical negligence. A trained solicitor can also support you during this time, as being unhappy with your breast uplift surgery can affect your physical and emotional health. You should make a case if you have suffered following your surgery, especially if you have had financial losses.

If you choose to make a case for poor breast uplift surgery, you will need:

A cosmetic surgery solicitor will give you the advice and support you need to sue your plastic surgeon if you are unhappy with your breast uplift surgery. Speak to one of our experts on breast surgery compensation claims today.

If you have experienced cosmetic negligence, we are here to help. We are the UK’s first leading cosmetic claims and negligence solicitors. Contact us for advice on how you can make a claim for breast lift negligence on 0808 252 0175, or fill in our online contact form to request a callback.


  • Proof of financial loss, such as days off work or prescriptions
  • Statements from yourself and the medical professionals involved in your surgery
  • Photographs
  • Medical records



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