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Breast uplift compensation claims

If your breast uplift procedure went wrong (also known as mastopexy) due to the negligence of a surgeon or clinic, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

For many people, breast uplift surgery is a chance to change part of their appearance that they are unhappy with, which is why it can be distressing to be left with mastopexy scars or other complications when surgery goes wrong.

In cases like this, you deserve to receive breast uplift surgery compensation. Making a mastopexy claim can help you to rebuild your life, while also preventing others from experiencing the same negligent care.

The compensation could also help you pay for restorative surgery, and can offer peace of mind following a distressing experience.

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In our experience, compensation can have a significant impact in helping victims of negligent breast uplift procedures deal with the physical and psychological pain they may be experiencing.

As the first law firm in England and Wales to specialise in cosmetic surgery negligence, our experts at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have the skills and knowledge you need to help win your case. With a win rate of over 95% on claims we have handled after obtaining medical evidence, our success over the years has delivered millions of pounds of compensation for our clients.

Compensation for a botched breast uplift surgery can help you to pay for restorative surgery and any additional treatment and rehabilitation you might need, without having to shoulder the financial burden.

How can breast uplift surgery go wrong?

Many different problems can occur during or following breast uplift surgery, but when the cosmetic surgeon or clinic has been negligent, the consequences for the patient can be truly damaging. Common complications include:

  • Unsightly post-operative scarring around the breast
  • Asymmetrical nipples or breasts

Moreover, the use of general anaesthetic can present risks in very rare cases, including:

  • Anaphylaxis (a harmful reaction to the anaesthetic)
  • Inherited reaction to the anaesthetic
  • Death (approximately one fatality in every 100,000 cases)

These problems are more likely to arise if you are:

  • Undergoing emergency surgery
  • Have other illnesses
  • A smoker
  • Are overweight


Since any surgery of this kind presents a certain degree of risk, surgeons and clinics responsible for carrying out mastopexy procedures have a duty of care to ensure patients’ safety and wellbeing.

A high degree of accountability is necessary for all medical professionals involved in this process, as a breast uplift gone wrong can result in long-lasting physical and psychological damage for the patient.

Clinicians are not only responsible for managing any potential risk factors that would be classed as reasonably preventable, but also for briefing patients thoroughly about the mastopexy recovery process and any likely complications, allowing them to give their informed consent.

If you feel that your surgeon has not fulfilled this duty of care, you may be eligible to make a breast uplift claim for compensation.


To speak to our expert solicitors about whether you can make a claim for breast uplift compensation, call 0800 634 0285 or fill in the quick contact form to request a call back.

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Anchor Lift Mastopexy complications

During an anchor lift, an incision is made around the areola and down to the crease of the breast. Another incision is made along the crease of each breast before the excess skin is removed and the breast repositioned.

Signs of Breast Surgery Anchor Lift Negligence

  • Excessive scarring
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Loss of all, or part, of the nipple – the nipple tissue can die because of changes in the blood supply

Has your surgery left you with questions and concerns about the success of your procedure? Contact us today.

Circumareolar Mastopexy - (The ‘Donut’ Lift) complications

The donut lift is an incision technique used in mastopexy in which the surgeon makes an incision around the edges of the areola only.

Signs of Breast Surgery Donut Lift Negligence

  • Asymmetrical nipples post-surgery
  • Nipple loss – the changes in blood supply may cause the nipple tissue to die

Has your surgery left you with questions and concerns about the success of your procedure? Contact us today.

Crescent Mastopexy complications

The crescent lift is a mastopexy technique in which the surgeon administers a crescent shaped incision around half of the areola.

Signs of Breast Surgery Mastopexy Negligence

  • Loss of nipple sensation after the surgery has taken place
  • Haematoma (bleeding under the skin) – you may need surgery to drain the area

Has your surgery left you with questions and concerns about the success of your procedure? Contact us today.

Lollipop Lift complications

The lollipop lift works very much in the same way as the other mastopexy techniques, the only difference is the form of incision, hence the name. It is also sometimes known as a keyhole incision.

Signs of Breast Surgery Lollipop Lift Negligence

  • Keloids (red or raised scars) – these may be permanent
  • Uneven breast size and shape

Has your surgery left you with questions and concerns about the success of your procedure? Contact us today.

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Mastopexy - Anchor Incision

In this type of breast lift surgery, an anchor shaped incision is made on the areola and breast crease.

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