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Nipple Reduction Compensation Claims

If you have been left with injuries or complications as a result of nipple reduction surgery that has gone wrong, our solicitors will help you to claim compensation.

Our accomplished legal experts understand the emotional and physical pain you are likely to have experienced, and we will work tirelessly to help you to secure the compensation required to rebuild your life after botched surgery.

We have been handling nipple reduction compensation claims for 15 years, and have a 95% success rate for all the cases we handle after obtaining medical evidence. We are ready and willing to help you every step of the way throughout the legal process.


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Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors?

We were the first legal practice in England and Wales to focus solely on cosmetic and beauty negligence claims, which means our experience is unrivalled in this area. We have:

  • More than 15 years’ experience in our field
  • A 95% success rate for all cases pursued after obtaining medical evidence
  • Secured £4 million in compensation for our clients to date

Headed by respected legal expert Michael Saul, our team of solicitors will strive to secure the outcome you deserve for your nipple reduction compensation claim.

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How Long Will the Claims Process Take?

Every one of our clients can guarantee they will receive a bespoke, tailored service, depending on the nature of their claim. For this reason, each case can vary in its length and complexity. However, you can rest assured that your solicitor will be on hand to provide reliable and detailed advice at every stage throughout your claim.

From the moment you start your claim with us, you will be assigned a dedicated solicitor who will answer any questions you may have. They will review every detail of your case and be on hand to provide support and advice as we progress.

See our full claims process here.

What Are the Signs That Nipple Reduction Surgery Has Gone Wrong?

While areola or nipple reduction operations normally proceed without complications, the number of cases where this type of surgery has gone wrong is increasing in the UK, and the results can be painful, damaging and embarrassing.

Most patients who undergo areola or nipple reduction surgery fully recover from the procedure within a couple of weeks, but in cases of clinical negligence, a number of problems can arise, including:

  • Asymmetry of the areolas or nipples
  • Inappropriate scarring
  • Insufficient or excessive nipple tissue removal

A botched areola or nipple reduction operation can also result in negative psychological effects related to the patient’s self-esteem and confidence

Failure to use or recommend a round block suture, causing the areola to stretch in size post-operatively

Discover our visual guide to the most common signs that your breast surgery has gone wrong here.

How Can We Help?

Surgeons and clinics performing nipple reductions have a responsibility to provide patients with a service that meets certain standards. If you feel this hasn’t happened and you have suffered as a result, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors is the number one UK law firm in the field of cosmetic surgery negligence. We have helped many victims of botched cosmetic surgery, and understand how difficult it can be to recover from areola or nipple reduction surgery that has gone wrong.

We promise to be transparent in our approach, resulting in minimal disruption to your life.

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