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If you are considering a rhinoplasty but do not want to undergo an invasive surgery, you might consider a non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers. A ‘liquid rhinoplasty’ procedure has grown in popularity over the past few years as the use of dermal fillers has expanded from the treatment of tear troughs and smile lines.

One key difference is that the effects of a liquid rhinoplasty will be temporary, as opposed to a surgical rhinoplasty that produces permanent results.

In the infographic below, we have detailed exactly what you can expect during a liquid rhinoplasty procedure.

If you have had a rhinoplasty that has gone wrong , our team of solicitors may be able to help, read more about making a rhinoplasty claim here

If you have suffered following a non-surgical rhinoplasty that went wrong due to negligence at the hands of the practitioner, you could be eligible for compensation. Get in touch with our expert solicitors today by calling INSERT PHONE NUMBER or request a call back by submitting your details to the contact form.

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