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Claims for a Chin Implant Gone Wrong

Do you feel your chin implant surgery has gone wrong and left you suffering as a result? If so, we can help you make a claim for compensation against the responsible surgeon or clinic.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was the first legal practice established to focus solely on cosmetic surgery negligence in England and Wales. With this legal expertise in hand, we have won more than £10 million of compensation for clients on a no win, no fee basis and have a 95% success rate on all cases pursued after obtaining medical evidence.

We understand that a botched chin implant can lead to physical, emotional and financial distress, but making a claim can help. Get in touch today to start the process of securing the compensation you deserve.



If you would like to speak to our team of specialists about about a no-win, no-fee chin implant claim, call us freephone 0800 634 0285 or request a callback from the team using our online enquiry form below.

How can we help?

If your quality of life has been negatively affected following a negligent chin implant procedure, then we are here to help you make a legal claim for compensation. Compensation can help to address physical and emotional trauma you have experienced due to your chin implant gone wrong by paying for any corrective surgery or mental health support that you may need.

The first step in any medical negligence claim is to reach out to your chosen solicitors for advice. Our initial consultation will be free and comes with no obligations. We will discuss your situation, talk about how we can help you, and explain what you can expect from the chin implants claims process. From here, we will guide you through the entire process of making a claim for negligent chin augmentation, and take the bulk of the legal responsibility from your shoulders so you can focus on your recovery.

Clinical negligence cases rarely escalate to court proceedings, but if your claim is disputed and the intervention of the court becomes necessary, our solicitors will represent you and defend your right to compensation..

We understand that it can be daunting to take the first step - but our empathetic and supportive solicitors are here to make the claims process as smooth and as efficient for you as possible.

Why choose Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors?

At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, we offer a sympathetic, straightforward and professional approach to all cosmetic surgery claims. We know how distressing a botched chin augmentation surgery can be, and we will work hard to help you put things right.

With our unrivalled experience in this complicated area of the law,  our clients benefit from a comprehensive, stress-free service that places their best interests at the centre of our activities.

Headed up by partner Michael Saul, a leader in the field of cosmetic negligence law, our team knows exactly what it takes to bring a claim that has the best possible chance of success. We prioritise your peace of mind, comfort and satisfaction throughout the whole process.

We work on a no win, no fee basis to help you get the compensation you deserve.

What are the signs a chin implant has gone wrong?

If your chin implant surgery fails to produce the results you were expecting, then you may have experienced negligence on the part of your plastic surgeon or clinic.

Indications that a chin implant procedure has gone wrong include:

  • Displacement of the chin implant after cosmetic surgery

  • Asymmetry of the face after the chin augmentation

  • Nerve damage

  • Loss of sensation

  • Loss of muscle control

  • Inappropriate or excessive scarring

  • Surgeons' duty of care

Patients cannot claim simply on the basis of being unhappy with chin implants. To be eligible to make a claim, you must be able to prove that it went wrong because of negligence. This could be caused by anything from bad operating techniques to a failure to inform you of the potential complications that facial plastic surgery can bring.

How long does the chin implant complications claim process take?

The duration of the compensation process varies depending on the circumstances of each case, and our solicitors take care to review each claim on an individual basis.

Factors that will influence the duration of the claims process include:

  • Complexity of the case: the specific details of your situation, including the severity of the complications and whether multiple surgeries or corrective procedures are involved.

  • The availability of medical evidence: the ease of gathering this evidence, its clarity and the detail it provides.

  • Response of the defendant: some defendants may acknowledge their negligence early and show a willingness to settle, which can expedite the process. Conversely, if the defendant disputes the claim, additional time may be needed for negotiations or, in some instances, court proceedings.

  • Legal proceedings: the legal process is thorough and ensures that every aspect of your case is carefully considered, which may take time.

  • Settlement negotiations: effective negotiations aimed at reaching a fair settlement can reduce the time required to conclude your claim, whereas prolonged discussions can extend it.

At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, we recognise the emotional and physical toll of chin implant complications. Our empathy and experience help our clients to navigate the legalities of their claims as efficiently as possible. As soon as you contact us, your dedicated cosmetic surgery negligence solicitor will discuss exactly what you can expect throughout the process, including the likely timescales.

Read about the full claims process here for more information.

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