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In July 2018 we conducted a survey to discover how women in the UK feel about their breasts. Participants were asked what they liked - and didn’t like - about their breasts, and also what impact they felt their breasts had had on their life.

Discover the full results of this survey below.

If you would like to use any or all of the below data, please reference Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors and include a link to the following page:

We analysed the survey data and discovered that women who wear a C cup-sized bra are the most satisfied overall with their breasts. To view this analysis, please visit the following blog post: Women with C-cups feel 'the happiest about their breasts'.

How do you feel about your breasts? - survey results

Number of participants: 740
Date: July 2018

How old are you? % of respondents # of respondents
Under 16 years old 0.00% 0
16-20 years old 3.38% 25
21-24 years old 8.11% 60
25-34 years old 33.11% 245
35-44 years old 27.30% 202
45-54 years old 16.35% 121
55-64 years old 9.19% 68
65-74 years old 2.43% 18
75 years or older 0.14% 1

What is your bra cup size? % of respondents # of respondents
AA 2.03% 15
A 6.49% 48
B 17.84% 132
C 18.51% 137
D 15.41% 114
DD 15.14% 112
E 8.65% 64
F 6.62% 49
G 5.27% 39
Other (please specify) 4.05% 30

How do you feel about your breasts? % of respondents # of respondents
I love them 7.30% 54
I like them 25.27% 187
I don't mind them 37.97% 281
I dislike them 21.89% 162
I hate them 7.57% 56

Please explain your answer (a selection of responses):

  • "I like that they make me feel feminine in some outfits, but sometimes they can just get in the way or feel horrible when hot and sticky."
  • "They are part of me, so I love them, they are not perfect, I care not!"
  • "After breast feeding they've been left like saggy bits of skin hanging from my body."
  • "Would prefer bigger and firmer breasts."
  • "I think they are in proportion to my size but could be more firmer."
  • "They are too big and droopy."
  • "My breasts are too small and look totally out of proportion in comparison to my body frame."
Do you think your breasts have influenced your personality? % of respondents # of respondents
Yes 20.41% 151
No 61.35% 454
I'm not sure 18.24% 135

Please explain your answer (a selection of responses):

  • "No they are just a part of my physical appearance and not the focus of it."
  • "I lack confidence to wear revealing clothes."
  • "Would be more outgoing with bigger ones."
  • "Can make me feel confident if they look good."
  • "I was definitely more confident when I had bigger breast as clothes fitted me better, now they just don't seem to sit right on my non-existent chest."
  • "I think it influences my dress style more than anything else."
Do you think your breasts have had any other impact on your life? % of respondents # of respondents
Yes 28.51% 211
No 61.08% 452
I'm not sure 10.41% 77

Please explain your answer (a selection of responses):

  • "Makes me more attractive."
  • "I don’t have confidence in the bedroom."
  • "Picking clothes - I wouldn't dare to wear any low cut tops dresses."
  • "Back problems. I regularly go to the chiropractor to straighten my back as the weight of my breasts causes me to stoop."
  • "I refuse to go swimming with my children, I won't even wear a swimsuit and my husband hasn't seen me naked in years, he's barely allowed to touch my breasts."
  • "The opposite sex sees you as more attractive the larger your breast are, so it adds to your self confidence."
  • "I've never had much body confidence, quite a lot is due to the small size of my breasts."
Would you ever consider undergoing cosmetic surgery to change the shape, look or feel of your breasts? % of respondents # of respondents
Yes 17.57% 130
Maybe 29.32% 217
No 51.62% 382
I have already had cosmetic breast surgery 1.49% 11

Please explain your answer (a selection of responses):

  • "Definitely if I had the finance."
  • "I have thought about it occasionally but the cost and pain puts me off."
  • "It depends on how saggy they get when I am older."
  • "As I get older if they say more then I might consider enhancing them."
  • "I wouldn't have cosmetic surgery, there's more important things in life than looks."
  • "It’s something I’ve been wanting to have done for many years."
  • "I love them just the way they are."

If you have experienced problems following breast surgery as a result of clinical negligence, you can call us on 0808 256 1589 or complete our contact form to speak to us and find out if you can make a compensation claim.

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