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Case Study – Mr W

Mr W

We successfully represented Mr W following hair transplant surgery performed when he was in his early thirties.

Pre-operatively, Mr W was concerned about minor hair loss in the temple areas.

It was our case that Mr W’s treatment was negligent as the treating doctor/clinic:

  • wrongly advised Mr W that he was a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery
  • failed to advise him that he should continue with anti-hair loss medication and only re-consider surgery if he continued to have concerns about hair loss in the future
  • failed to warn Mr W of the advantages, disadvantages, risks and benefits of the surgery
  • used poor technique in cutting the donor strip
  • inadequately trimmed the grafts prior to implantation
  • implanted the grafts in inconsistent directions

Mr W was left, following the surgery, with an obviously transplanted, cobblestone appearance with grafts growing in different directions and an excessively wide donor scar.

He required revision surgery and is at risk of an “isolated island” appearance in the temples, about which he was not but should have been warned.

We successfully recovered damages of £15,000 for Mr W, representing recompense for his physical and psychological injuries and the cost of revision treatment.

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