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Case Study - Carla


Carla underwent breast augmentation and uplift surgery in 2013 that resulted in the left breast being a different size to the right breast, and it was also in the wrong position. A follow-up corrective surgery in 2014 also went wrong.

It was our case that Carla’s surgery was negligent as:

  • The surgeon failed to note the prominence of Carla’s chest wall on the left side of her chest, which negatively impacted the appearance of the breast following surgery.
  • The surgeon also failed to adequately position the left nipple areolar complex correctly in both her first and second surgery.
  • In the first surgery, the surgeon made the pocket for the left implant too wide, which resulted in the hollowing at the upper medial quadrant of Carla’s left breast, making her breasts appear uneven.
  • In the second operation, the surgeon enlarged the size of the implant pocket in the left breast, which was already too wide, when inserting a smaller replacement implant. This was bound to, and did, exacerbate the hollowing in the upper medial aspect of her left breast.

Operating upon Carla in such a manner produced an unacceptably poor cosmetic result which fell well below the standard of a reasonably competent cosmetic surgeon.

We successfully settled Carla’s case settled for £15,000. She claimed damages for physical and psychological injury, the cost of corrective surgery and psychological therapy and other miscellaneous losses. If you are unsure of what to do if you are unhappy with breast uplift surgery, read our blog post. 

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