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Case Study – Sandra


We successfully represented Sandra following facelift, eyelid and breast augmentation surgery which had resulted in significant physical and psychological injuries.

It was our case that Sandra’s surgery was negligent as:

  • She was left with significant and unsightly scarring from the facelift running from the outer edge of each lower eyelid, across the temples and into the hairline. This scarring is most unusual from a facelift and Sandra had not been informed of it before the surgery. If she had been so informed, she would not have undergone the surgery.
  • The surgeon produced asymmetrical, disfiguring scarring in the upper eyelids.
  • The breast implants inserted were too large

We recovered £35,000 in compensation for Sandra, which comprised of recompense for her physical and psychological injuries, a refund of the cost of the facelift and the cost of corrective surgery required in the future.

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