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Case Study - Mrs J - Buckinghamshire

"Thanks to you I’m getting my self confidence back to where it should have been after my first operation."
Mrs J, Buckinghamshire

Mrs J sought medical advice concerning a small area of cellulite at the back of her thighs and buttocks, resulting in surgery which went wrong.

It was our case that Mrs J’s treatment was negligent as her doctor:

  • Advised her to undergo an invasive procedure, namely vaser liposelection (a type of liposuction), when this was not indicated;
  • Failed to warn her of the possible adverse side effects or complications including skin necrosis (dead skin);
  • Caused her to suffer skin necrosis and full thickness burns; and
  • Removed too much fat, producing marked contour deformity and an ugly horizontal crease below the normal buttock crease.

Mrs J required several corrective operations which included skin grafting to the rear of her thighs.

We successfully recovered £35000 in damages for Mrs J, which included recompense for her physical and psychological injuries and the costs of corrective treatment and therapy.

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