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Scars showing liposuction gone wrong

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Scars showing liposuction gone wrong

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Cosmetic surgery has become popular in the UK with more and more people going under the knife with private clinics and hospitals. As when any service or product offering becomes more popular, the risks of cosmetic surgery negligence and bad practices increase too. Unregulated beauty therapists, sub-standard cosmetic surgeons who are not fully NHS qualified can carry out beauty treatments that can go wrong and bad cosmetic surgery resulting in a claim for negligence.

TJL Solicitors, known as Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery claims and beauty negligence solicitors. Only once starting the No Win No Fee Claims process can our dedicated team of cosmetic surgery claims specialists begin working on your behalf.

If a cosmetic surgical procedure or treatment goes wrong, it may be on account of a clinical mistake or medical accident which has been caused by the incompetence of a doctor, cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic clinic.

When a clinical mistake happens during cosmetic surgery you have the option to make claim a Cosmetic Medical Negligence Claim, you are best served by an expert team of cosmetic negligence solicitors as medical negligence claims can be complex and difficult to prove.

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Claims Guide to Negligent Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast enlargement is the most in demand cosmetic surgery procedure carried out in the UK. The procedure augments the breasts to make them appear larger and fuller. Surgery takes place under general anaesthetic and usually lasts a couple of hours.


Claims Guide to Negligent Nose Job Surgery

Nose job surgery also known as Rhinoplasty involves incisions being made across the section of skin connecting the two nostrils (the columella), so the skin can be lifted, allowing greater access to reshape the nose. Read our Nose Job Surgery Gone Wrong claims guide for more insight on how to proceed making a claim with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors.


Claims Guide to Negligent Liposuction Surgery

Laser liposuction was developed as an alternative method to traditional liposuction procedures. It helps surgeons target particular body parts. It is more gentle thanother forms of liposuction and results in less scarring.


Cosmetic Negligence Video Guides

Mike Saul, Leading Expert in Cosmetic Negligence Explains:

Rhinoplasty Open Approach Guide

Rhinoplasty - Open Approach

This approach to rhinoplasty involves incisions being made across the section of skin connecting the nostrils

1 Minute 12 Seconds

Laser Liposuction Surgery Guide

Liposuction - Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction was developed as an alternative method to traditional liposuction procedures.

1 Minute 21 Seconds

Inframmary Breast Augmentation Guide

Inframammary Breast Augmentation

This technique requires an incision to be made across the fold just under the breast, before the implant is inserted.

1 Minute 14 Seconds

Mastopexy Anchor Lift Guide

Mastopexy - Anchor Incision

In this type of breast lift surgery, an anchor shaped incision is made on the areola and breast crease.

1 Minute 54 Seconds

The Cosmetic Surgery Claims Process

When a patient suffers from a cosmetic surgery procedure going wrong, the consequences can be devastating, physically, emotionally and financially.

If you have suffered cosmetic surgery negligence at the hands of a surgeon who has acted in an incompetent manner, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Nothing can make up for the distress caused by a cosmetic procedure gone wrong, but cosmetic surgery compensation may enable you to start the process of recovery.

All medical practitioners including cosmetic surgeons are obliged to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard their patients’ wellbeing while they are in their care.

Learn more about: The Cosmetic Surgery Claims Process

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