A facelift, technically known as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce wrinkles and creases and generally tighten skin on the face and/or neck.

The reasons for undergoing a face-lift are unique to each individual, but the operation is favoured by older patients because it can make people appear younger.

In recent times the operation has become more popular and last year it was the fourth most popular plastic surgery procedure in the UK , with more than 3,200 people undergoing such surgery.
However, you may have suffered disfigurement because of your surgery or feel dissatisfied that it has not provided the results you required.
Below is a list of typical problems associated with face-lift operations:facelift claims
  • Permanent nerve damage or numbness
  • Bad scarring (keloid or hypotrophic) in front of, or behind the ears
  • Inappropriate scarring to the face
  • Over-tightening of skin
  • Change in hairline
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of skin or discolouration of skin through infection or lack of circulation (necrosis)
  • Lop-sided/ asymmetrical ears (“pixie ear” deformity)

If you’ve suffered mental or physical injury as a result of a negligent facelift operation, our lawyers understand you will have been through a traumatic and painful time. We can help get you back to your old self and look forward to your future, physically and financially.

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